Russell A. Mebane - African American Science Fiction Writer
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Nationwide (November 2) -- Rape. Killing. These two words ignite fear in the heart of mankind. No one wants to fall victim to such heinous crimes. The very mention of these acts can cause a wave of emotions including curiosity. Entertainment often features various crimes because they pique interest. Russell Mebane's Rape & Killing, Stories from a Strange Mind is definitely interesting.

The book consists of seven short stories and seven lessons. Mebane is a teacher by trade and he uses this forum to teach his readers. The lessons are of a Biblical nature. This book represents Mebane's spiritual journey. It is very apparent that he has spent a considerable amount of time reading the Bible. He has learned a lot and he uses this book to share his insights with readers. Some of his opinions and ideas are somewhat unconventional.

However, I appreciate the time he has taken to meditate on the Scriptures. The positive message is refreshing. For example, the lesson about David highlights how God can use anyone for His glory.

The short stories are incomparable. They are unlike anything I've ever read. They are science fiction and cover a wide variety of topics. He addresses social issues such as racism and male-female relationships. Some of the characters are from a different planet and some have powers befitting a superhero.

Mating rituals on other planets and a serial killer seeking revenge are just a few of the colorful subjects. Mebane has a very vivid imagination. He writes in such a way that captures the reader's attention. I kept wondering where he was going and what the ending would be. The book is fast-paced and there is no chance for boredom while reading this book. Periodically, Mebane would check in with the reader and thank him for his continued reading.

The word strange is defined as, "unusual, curious, and odd." By the author's own admission, he has a strange mind. I would agree with that. The stories are unusual. The lessons reveal Mebane's curiosity. No doubt some people would categorize this book as odd. When I first read the title, I was very hesitant about reading the book. Happily, it was nothing like what I thought it would be. It was a truly unique reading experience.

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