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Why I Believe in Global Warming

Sorry for the late post.  I've had some business to attend to. 

Today I saw something disturbing on my car.  It was something that held great foreboding for me and the rest of the world as a whole.  It was on my car, and it made me think of the people, who, for a long time, did not believe in global warming.  Oftentimes, believers, like myself, were accused of being led astray by the liberal-biased media.  I'd like to take this time to show my own personal experiences that made me believe in global warming.

Around 1991, I watched a documentary on squirrels (yes, I like squirrels).  In this scientific documentary, it was said that scientists had just found out that the hibernation of squirrels was caused by blood chemistry and circadian rhythm, not temperature as was previously believed.  An experiment was done in which blood was taken from a hibernating squirrel and then injected into a squirrel during the summer months.  The injected squirrel went into hibernation for the summer.  I found this study to be intriguing.  And then I proved the study wrong simply by looking out my window.  Outside, two squirrels were playing in my backyard.  This was in December.

Many people have heard of the animal behavior called migration.  The migratory exemplar of the animal world is the goose.  Every American knows that geese fly south in the winter to warmer climates.  In 1996,  I worked at a recreational park called Weston Lake in Ft. Jackson, South Carolina.  The beach around the lake was not in the best condition.  The staff was not at fault.  The large, green, cylindrical bird droppings that pigmented the once brown sand belonged to Branta canadensis a.k.a. the wild goose.  Normally, these birds would leave during the winter, but South Carolina had grown so warm that the idea of winter was almost non-existent.  Thus the geese stayed and populated the beaches with poop.

I'm not ranting against Republicans here.  It was Democrats that made this bird a protected species.  I now have illegal fantasies about killing, dressing, and eating wild geese.  Global warming has turned them into hated pests.  Not as pesky were the azaleas blooming twice a year: once in the summer and again in South Carolina's non-existent winter.  None of these occurrences were being reported in the liberal-biased media.  Fortunately, other fairly reasonable human beings turned off their conservative media long enough to look outside.  However, this is all decades too late for what I saw on my car today. 

Today, I found pollen on my car.  Pollen signifies the arrival of spring.  This is January. 

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