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"Thanks, More 'Ruins' info, and Mexicans"

Well, it's Thursday again.

I'd like to take this time out to give props to Miss Joanna Banana for her stirring comments on my "Why Whites Will Never Understand Racism" blog entry.  I'd also like to thank my fans for coming to my page and reading my works.  I love the attention and support.  I'd like to give special shout outs to Beverly Hills and the state of Virginia for showing their love to me here in the U.S.  On the international front, I'd like to again thank the people in Ireland for showing me love, and also my Chinese fans.  I'm glad to have you guys too. 

I've noticed that my "Sneak Peek" got a lot of traffic.  Yes, I'm still working on it.  I've decided that "Ruins of the Fall" will be the first in a trilogy revolving around the character of Ramsus Zephyr and the global Black revolution.  Thus the one I'm working on now will be his rise to prominence in America and the beginning of "The Purge".  In between chapters will be chapters from Ramsus' book "Black Made Manifest" and you'll get to see why the Konvention found Ramsus so enthralling.  I'm going to be borrowing a little something from Ethiopian literature.  They have a concept called "wax and gold", where  they have the apparent meaning of a story (the wax) and then a deeper meaning underneath (the gold).  I'm going to turn this into a format for the Ruins of the Fall trilogy.  Each book will have two sections:  the public view of events in the story (the wax) and the truth about events in the story (the gold).      I want you to see the good and the bad about Ramsus Zephyr.  The sneak peek you got was from the gold section.  I'll keep giving you updates as the book progresses.  Don't forget to write me on this page if you have any questions about it.

In other news, I heard about the racially motivated killing of Blacks by Mexicans.  I'd like to say that these acts are centralized in California and are common amongst Mexican gangs.  I personally blame the California area for this behavior since that state is actually more racist than the South.  They put so much effort into image that other ethnicities out there end up hating Blacks just to look good to their prospective employers.  Even the Filipinos out there hate Blacks.  Here in the South, minorities tend to get along.  The Mexicans are cool with Blacks, Puerto Ricans are cool with Blacks, and the South has a significant Latino population.  We have Florida:  Cubans in Miami.  Puerto Ricans in Orlando, and Mexicans wherever there's work.  I've always found them to be hard-working and extremely loving people.  Same goes for the Filipinos here in the South.  The Jews are good to Blacks here too.  We pretty much all get along.  Strangely enough, I do have to give the KKK some credit.  They are the single most racially and ethnically unifying force I've ever seen.  They hate all minorities equally and since Mexicans, Jews, and Blacks all have an equal chance to get lynched out here, we've all decided to put aside our differences for the common good.  By "common good" I mean, "not getting lynched".  That's all for now.  Don't forget to buy a copy of my book "Squirrels & Puppies"!  I love y'all!!

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andrew on Monday, January 08, 2018 8:46 AM
thank you
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storspelare on Thursday, May 31, 2018 10:40 AM
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